Some Choose the Pen

Some Choose the Pen
: Henrietta Stackpole
: Henrietta Stackpole
: 381
: Fiction : Mystery
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What does a young woman from a rural backwater do when her fiancé is murdered and Scotland Yard claims he was a thief who was killed in self-defence?

If she is Charlotte Henderson she buries her grief, controls her anger and travels to London and beyond to take on the police, shadowy agents and more personal enemies in order to unravel the mystery of her dishonoured Joseph’s death.

To fight back, she chooses the pen.

She gathers friends and supporters who help her through the many dead ends, setbacks and physical dangers, but crime investigation in 1891 is rudimentary and difficult. Can she ever separate the truth from the fiction, the trusted from the false?

And in the background all the time is a man—a good man—who, on meeting Charlotte Henderson, wishes she was not ‘in black’ for a year.

Another 'Stackpole Sensation' novel.

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