The Fairy Boy of Calton Hill: A mesmerizing treat for the imagination. (The Fairy Boy Chronicles Book 1)

The Fairy Boy of Calton Hill: A mesmerizing treat for the imagination. (The Fairy Boy Chronicles Book 1)
: Sean-Paul Thomas
: Paul Thomas Publishing
: 133
: Kids : 9-12
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For fans of Peter Pan and Harry Potter comes a story like no other...

'An enchanting fantasy novel. A mesmerizing and breathtaking treat for the imagination.'

Would you accept a mysterious fairy creature's invitation to see her fantastical yet troubled world even if it meant giving up everything you ever cared for?

'Meet the New Peter Pan for the Harry Potter Generation' Good reads Reviewer

Liam, a young teenage boy who recently lost his father, is befriended by G, a different kind of fairy creature from what he has read about in fairy tales, after she breaks the strict rules of her magical world and intervenes when Liam is beaten up by a gang of school bullies, outside her secret, magical cave on top of Edinburgh's Calton Hill.

Immediately G and Liam form a deep bond of friendship that takes them on a whirlwind adventure inside her fantastical, yet dark and troubled world - from the great cliffs of doom and the flesh-eating forest, to the great lake and all the weird and wonderful creatures that dwell there, from fire wolves and rainbow dragons to the more sinister lurking weasel bats.

Things take a darker turn when Liam, looking to impress the new girl on the block, Lucy - a feisty teenage girl from Ireland - secretly brings her into the magical world, unaware of the tragic and twisted events, that are about to be unleashed upon them.

For G's world is no longer the tranquil haven it once was. It is now a world ruled by a tyrant Fairy King and his mysterious evil wizard, Zorn. And with a cannibal king of dragons under their thumb along with an army of Wretchids at their disposal - a half goblin, half werewolf, hybrid creature, with one hell of a bite - they have no equal or challengers to the throne of their fantastical land...

...Until Now.

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