Valhalla Unleashed (Marauder Book 2)

Valhalla Unleashed (Marauder Book 2)
: D.W. Roach
: Creativia
: 306
: Fiction : General
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As the veil of darkness falls on the land of Midgard and the forces of hell emerge to extinguish all life, the warriors of Bjorgvin stand ready for a fight to the death.

Audan and Jareth are ready to defend their home and people once more, but the pestilence that infects the Norse world has become stronger than ever. Through the mist, ancient dangers of tooth and claw emerge, leading to a struggle of cataclysmic proportions.

Can the warriors of legend prevent the coming hellfire of the Ragnarok, or is man doomed in front of the power of demonic Asgardian gods?

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