Storm Country: Book 1

Storm Country: Book 1
: Joyce DeBacco
: Joyce DeBacco
: 146
: Fiction : Romance
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Running a successful resort in present-day Montana has its challenges for the Storm family. Falling in love is only one of them. After inheriting the business from her dead husband, Bonnie enlists her adult children to help run it. Sons Richard and Nick have found their niche; daughter Andi is struggling to find hers. Brainy Richard, nicknamed the money man, keeps the business afloat. Brawny Nick handles the day-to-day operations. Then there’s daughter Andi, strong-willed and used to getting what she wants—until she doesn’t. When Bonnie learns her husband’s illegitimate son Luke has hired on at the resort and Andi has taken a liking to him, she’s forced to take steps that endanger her life and the resort’s future.

Disclaimer: Storm Country is presented in serial format with Book 1 ending in a cliffhanger. Story continues in Book 2. Series is complete at four books. Please sign up for mailing list at to be notified of sales.

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