Love, Stock, & Barrel (Marriage & Mayhem Book 2)

Love, Stock, & Barrel (Marriage & Mayhem Book 2)
: Crystal L Barnes
: Books By Barnes
: 269
: Fiction : Romance
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Hiding from a rat of a fiancé, Dinah Lexington makes tracks for Texas and who she hopes is her late mother’s relative. She’s seeking answers but finds more than she bargains for when she gets caught in a shotgun wedding—with the rifle pointed at her.
Russell Cahill can’t believe his father is demanding he marry the feisty redhead. The sharpshooting female would only add to his troubles, but how does one argue with a gun and an attraction he's fought to ignore?

Sparks fly. Secrets surface. Loss threatens.

Will a dream for love shatter forever, or will the pair find a marriage worth lock, stock, and barrel?

An Exciting, Humorous Christian Historical Western Romance you'll want to read again and again.

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