Honeymoon Cottage (A Pajaro Bay Mystery Book 1)

Honeymoon Cottage (A Pajaro Bay Mystery Book 1)
: Barbara Cool Lee
: Pajaro Bay Publishing
: 251
: Fiction : Mystery
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Camilla Stewart's ex-fiancé ripped her off and disappeared, leaving her to care for his eight-year-old son alone. But when she arrives in Pajaro Bay, she finds a village full of cute cottages, quirky characters... and a killer on the loose who is somehow linked to her, the young boy, and the darling little house known as the Honeymoon Cottage.

The Pajaro Bay mysteries are filled with light and breezy, heartwarming fun, and always leave you with a happy ending. Each is a standalone novel, so they can be read in any order, or you can follow along from the beginning and see how the world of Pajaro Bay develops. Collect them all:

1. Honeymoon Cottage

2. Boardwalk Cottage

3. Lighthouse Cottage

4. Little Fox Cottage

5. Rum Cake Cottage

6. Songbird Cottage (coming soon!)

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