Moving Clutter to the Cloud

Moving Clutter to the Cloud
: Charity Grant
: Weldon-Siviy Publications
: 114
: Non Fiction : Hobbies
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Heard about the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo? This is better. You get to keep your stuff -- it just isn't in your house anymore!

Film and television views of the future are always clean, sleek and uncluttered. I used to think it was the technology. That at some point in the future, we’d have the technology to meet our daily needs without the need to climb over all of our daily stuff.

Then at one point, quite recently, I realized that we’re already there. Not completely, of course. While a 3D printer is essentially a matter replicator, we’re not yet at the point where I can quit looking for the 5th hairbrush I misplaced this month and simply announce, “Computer – One women’s hairbrush. 14 centimeters. Medium bristle strength and distribution,” and then wait a few seconds for one to magically appear from the sleek new machine sitting next to my microwave.

In many other respects, though, we ARE already there. If you watch Star Trek – and clearly I do – you may or may not have noticed how utterly clean and uncluttered every room on the Enterprise is. If you’re as slow on the uptake as I am lately, it may even take you 3 or 4 seasons (or 3 or 4 series for that matter) to realize why.

Computer!!!! Every piece of data, information, entertainment, record keeping, archiving, and analysis is hidden inside the depths of that Enterprise computer. What’s more, if you think about those episodes where the computer is damaged or compromised, it becomes clear that the Enterprise computer is further connected to data storage at Star Fleet headquarters. Given the volume of data they collect (in astrometrics alone!), it’s probably less of a Cloud storage concept and more of a Nebula. Still, the idea is very clear – information and entertainment are stored offsite, out of sight until needed.

Think about it. You never see Worf in his quarters rifling through stacks of Klingon Opera CDs – or worse, magnetic tape versions he meant to copy over to the new format. No, you see him sitting in a clean, uncluttered room where he simply announces, “Computer: Klingon Opera, Shevok'tah gish.” And lo and behold the computer not only immediately plays the requested track but remembers automatically that Klingons prefer their opera at roughly 80 decibels.

Wouldn’t it be great if YOU could use some of that Enterprise technology to declutter your space? You can.

This book examines over a dozen areas in which you can declutter your home by moving your “stuff” to the cloud. Like Agent Coulson’s “Tahiti”, the cloud is a magical place. In the cloud, there is no dusting, no shuffling back and forth of stuff with no real home, and most importantly, no racing from room to room to find what it is that you’re looking for. Assuming Siri is in an accommodating mood, you can even take it to the final frontier: “Computer, please play my favorite album….”

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