Bitter Ashes (Bitter Ashes Book 1)

Bitter Ashes (Bitter Ashes Book 1)
: Sara C. Roethle
: 288
: Fiction : Drama
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She’s not their long lost fairy princess. She’s their executioner.

Madeline knew her life was strange, and not just because she could sense the emotions of others. Having people die by your hand on two separate occasions can make a girl question her very existence. Still, she never thought she'd wake up in a world straight out of Norse myth. A world where corpses reanimate all on their own . . . and she's supposed to be their executioner.

A normal person would run screaming into the night, but there's something about dark and alluring Alaric that's giving Madeline pause, and it's not the fact that he turns a little feline from time to time.

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