Things You Won't Hear From your Doctor: Zen and the Natural Cure to the Common Gum Diseases

Things You Won't Hear From your Doctor: Zen and the Natural Cure to the Common Gum Diseases
: Eyal Cohen
: Eyal Cohen
: 239
: Non Fiction : Health
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The book "Zen and the Natural Cure to the Common Gum Diseases" gives you a HUNDRED PERCENT guarantee, to prevent and naturally cure receding gums and inflammation of the gums!

Whether you suffer from receding gums - or inflammation of the gums, now you have a way to understand these diseases and take responsibility to naturally cure yourself with no medical intervention, no suffering and with no cost whatsoever, regardless of your situation, even if your teeth are wobbling and it seems hopeless.

Receding gums and inflammation of the gums (Pyorrhea,) are the most prevalent diseases in mankind and are the major cause of teeth loss while enslaving many of the sufferers to medications, repetitive surgeries, invasive treatments, huge expenses, and medical treatments for life.

The medical establishment considered them as "autoimmune" / "hereditary" / "genetic" or "chronic" diseases, while the truth is that like many other diseases, they are the outcome of the imbalance of energy that the medical establishment doesn't acknowledge, and even disregards it systematically.

The book series "Things You Won't Hear from your Doctor" challenge the system's approach and examines health from the neglected energetic aspect, that explains many phenomena of life, that we cannot understand with the acceptable perception.

The book "Zen and the Natural Cure to the Common Gum Diseases" opens the series, refers to the gum diseases as the outcome of the most extreme energy imbalance that we encounter in our daily lives, and therefore, the clearer and the easiest to understand.

By following this book meticulously, you will see amazing results within days!

This book was first published in Israel in 1997, and ever since it saved thousands of Israelis from going through surgeries, radical treatments, teeth loss, suffer pain, and huge expenses.

Among my other occupations, it took me more than ten years of hard work to translate this book so that you will be able to benefit from it, and I did the best I can to make it as clear and bright so that you will enjoy the reading.

This book is an enlightenment book, meaning that it is a life-changing experience, that along with the changes in your lifestyle will reverse the course of the disease, from an ongoing deterioration, into a process of natural rehabilitation.

Meaning that once you follow this book, every change in your situation will be for good - for the rest of your life!

From those who uncertain whether to buy the book, I ask to do not hesitate; as this is an "only win situation." If the book did not satisfy you, you could ask Amazon for a refund, so that you really don't risk anything, and the sooner you read it, the more trauma you save from your body and the better your rehabilitation be.

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