Reasons Behind: Romance Fantasy (Secret of the Blood #2)

Reasons Behind: Romance Fantasy (Secret of the Blood #2)
: ML Ray
: 39
: Fiction : General
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The feelings Kath has for Greg deepen as they share more moments together. She admits to herself that she’s fallen head over heels in love with Greg. However, just like any other fairy tale, their story has to be tested. Kath’s one-week leave from work ends and she needs to go to work. She asks Greg’s driver, Mr. Hoffman to drive her home. The peaceful drive unexpectedly soon became a nightmare, and Kath screams at the unfairness of it all.


Kath furiously avoided Greg for days, determined to ignore him and cast him out of her life. She already had so much abnormality in her life and she didn’t need another man to create stress in her life again. The only night they spent together was a mistake and Kath knew it was all nothing for him. She was sure of it, after what she discovered.

That player.

Yet, she couldn’t shake off the feeling of doom she kept on feeling the past few days. Her watchers were still following her, and she was growing restless. What do they really want from her?

Kath knew. Deep inside, she knew. She will soon know what they seek.

And something big is about to happen.

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