New Love, New Life: Inspirational, Clean Romance

New Love, New Life: Inspirational, Clean Romance
: Terry Atkinson
: Terry Atkinson from South Africa
: 12
: Fiction : Romance
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Love, Romance and hope for new love in the future are all contained in this short story about our dreams of romance and love in life. Get your cup of tea, make yourself cozy and comfortable and read your copy of "New Love, New Life".

She sat nervously, awaiting John's arrival. All too soon, that familiar gangly figure appeared on the path close by. She watched him ambling up the gentle hill towards where she was sitting and again had to resist the urge to burst into tears. She had thought she was over this, but these emotions were still raw and ready to erupt. He sat down quietly next to her.

"Hello Linda," he said softly. After heartbreak can there ever be new love and new life? Can love grow again like the fresh green leaves on the tree that was considered dead - as dead as the love of a broken heart?

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