All Things EFT Tapping Manual

All Things EFT Tapping Manual
: Tessa Cason
: Little Sage Enterprises, LLC
: 116
: Non Fiction : Health
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All Things EFT Tapping Manual

EFT Tapping – Emotional Freedom Technique

If we want to make changes in our lives, long-lasting, permanent, constructive changes, we have to change the destructive, dysfunctional, mis-beliefs in the subconscious. We have to change the programming in the subconscious.

EFT Tapping allows us to change the dysfunctional, destructive, mis-beliefs on a subconscious level.

What is EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique:

EFT is a technique that allows us to change dysfunctional beliefs and emotions on a subconscious level. It involves making a statement while tapping different points along meridian paths.

The general principle behind EFT is that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system. By tapping on locations where a number of the different meridians flow, we are able to release unproductive memories, emotions, and beliefs which cause the blockages.

This Manual covers various topics and questions you might have about EFT Tapping including:

* Beliefs
* Subconscious Mind
* EFT Tapping – Emotional Freedom Technique
* How to Tap Short Form of EFT
* Yawing and Taking a Deep Breath
* Integration...What Happens After Tapping
* How Does EFT Tapping Works?
* Science and EFT Tapping Research
* Benefits of Using EFT Tapping
* When to Use EFT
* We Can use EFT Tapping to Change
* Intensity Level
* The Very First EFT Tapping Statement to Tap
* Sort Form or Long Form of EFT Tapping?
* Walking Backwards EFT (Backing Up)
* EFT Tapping Statements Are More Effective When It Agrees with Current Beliefs
* Using a Negative EFT Tapping Statement
* What To Do if an EFT Tapping Statement Does Not Clear
* One Statement per Round of EFT
* Multiple Statements per Round of EFT?
* Karate Chop Point (KCP) to Desensitize a Story, Situation, and/or Memory
* Do I Have to Keep Tapping the Same Statements Over and Over if it Does Not Clear?
* Why We Might Hold Onto Emotional Pain
* Inner Critic, Negative Self-Talk?
* Tapping Affirmations
* I Tapped and I’m Not Better. I Cleared This Issue Before and It’s Still Showing Up in My Life
* EFT Tapping Doesn’t Work for Me
* EFT Tapping Points and the Meridians
* Mind Chatter...A Value Tool
* Rule #1 for Writing Your Own EFT Tapping Statements...Use Your Own words.
* Rule #2 for Writing Your Own EFT Tapping Statements...Process Emotions before Beliefs
* Rule #3 for Writing Your Own EFT Tapping Statements...Pay-offs For Not Creating Our Reality
* Finishing Touches...Tapping Positive
* Summary
* Appendix:
Pay-off for Not Creating Our Reality
What Do We Process First
Psychological Reversal/Reversed
Is it Necessary to Relive the Pain in Order to Heal Our Pain
Present Time


After reading this book and doing the tapping exercises I experienced a dramatic shift in my perceptual existence. I was feeling sad and tired then after completing the exercises in this book I felt joy and peaceful tears. It's truly amazing! Thank you so much Tessa! You are a gift in my life and am so grateful for the healing you have given me! Tessa's books really have healing power. Read them. They will literally change your life.

I love Tessa's work, you will never be lost for words to tap on. This book is for any level Tapping, I have recently bought several of her downloadable e-books and I find them to be a treasure. Easy to follow and her statements resonate with what I am looking for. I will always continue using her work. Very creative concept, I no longer have to figure out exactly what I want to say. This book is needed by all who suffer self esteem issues, deserving, worthy, belonging, and the list continues. It zero's in on our root issues so we can tap and thrive to a healthier more abundant life. Isn't that what everyone wants. You got a winner here Tessa, you are the bomb.

This stuff works. Just do it.

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