The Body in the Alpaca Pasture (Roger and Suzanne mystery series Book 11)

The Body in the Alpaca Pasture (Roger and Suzanne mystery series Book 11)
: Jerold Last
: 82
: Fiction : Mystery
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Someone shot a modern-day gaucho in the back at an isolated alpaca breeding facility in the small town of Molinos, high in the Andes Mountains in Argentina’s northwest province of Salta. In this isolated area far off the beaten track for tourists, everybody at the research facility had an opportunity to shoot the victim without being observed committing the crime. This isn’t a crime that will be solved by CSI. There aren’t any fingerprints, footprints, a murder weapon, or other traditional clues conveniently left around the cadaver by the killer. The local police (both of them) are glorified meter maids, totally untrained to solve a mysterious murder like this one. By the time Roger and Suzanne arrive the corpse has long since been sent to the nearest hospital for an autopsy, which has been lost by the local bumbling authorities. What was the motive? Why was the victim targeted? Was it murder for gain? Roger and Suzanne interrogate the remaining staff members at the alpaca breeding facility as they seek evidence proving the existence of a sinister international conspiracy to explain the reason Oswaldo Pepin died. This fast-paced whodunit mystery features an exotic setting, a complex murder case, and a complicated and suspenseful plot.

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