Before We Leave (Chronicles of the Maca Book 3)

Before We Leave (Chronicles of the Maca Book 3)
: Mari Collier
: Creativia
: 292
: Fiction : SciFi
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After Red O'Neal delivers a beating to his half-brother Daniel for courting his sister Antoinette, she is sent to a convent until agreeing to marry an older, wealthier man. But Antoinette manages to send a letter to her betrothed Lorenz MacDonald about the danger, and after he rescues her on the journey, Lorenz's parents allow the marriage rather than lose their son.

When the neighboring ranch becomes under attack by Comanche raiders, Antoinette and her mother-in-law Anna are caught in a fight for life and death. Can their family survive the dangers of the violent Western frontier?

Before We Leave continues the science fiction western saga of Justine and Thalian descendants, living in Earth in the late 19th and early 20th century.

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