Mail-Order Brides of America: Iowa Destiny (A Clean Western Historical Romance)

Mail-Order Brides of America: Iowa Destiny (A Clean Western Historical Romance)
: Zoe Matthews
: 89
: Fiction : Romance
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This book is part of a boxset called Mail-Order Brides of America: Six books in One! It is available on Amazon through my Author Page, Zoe Matthews.

Introducing a brand new series that features an orphan girl who lives in "Mary's Home for Girls" which is located in North Carolina. As each girl becomes an adult, some choose to become a mail-order bride. Each story will be based in a different state and will be a stand-alone.

In this first book, having been abandoned as an infant, Savannah grew up in an orphanage in North Carolina. When she was 15 years old, she was given the opportunity to live in Mary’s Home for Girls which was operated by a kind childless couple.

Five years later, Savannah knew it was time to leave and allow another girl to take her place. She decides to become a mail-order bride and starts to write Austin, a man who lives in Iowa.

Austin owns a farm he inherited. He loves working the land, but he is lonely and wants a wife to share his life with. After following advice from his best friend, he brings Savannah to Iowa to marry.

But marriage wasn’t all he had expected. There are adjustments that needed to be made on both sides and neither of them realize they are hurting the other. Then the unthinkable happens and he loses his wheat harvest in one day. Austin decides he needs to leave and find a job so that they can make it through the winter months.

When he returns, will they both be able to forgive each other and make the changes needed? Will Savannah realize her Destiny is in Iowa with Austin?

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