The Ballad of Georgy Blue

The Ballad of Georgy Blue
: Ken Coleman
: Ken Coleman
: 267
: Fiction : Drama
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A crippled boy is taken away from the safety of his farm by violent and vicious outlaws and made to slave for them as they travel the country. After they force him to join in a robbery in a Californian, silver mining town where a woman and a child are killed, they hide out in a box canyon with a woman they have taken hostage. When one of the outlaws forces the woman, Cait, inside a small log cabin with the intention of raping her, the boy, decides enough is enough and rescues her from the outlaw. They are forced to take cover in the cabin while under siege from the desperados who have vowed to kill him. Without food or water, they hold off the outlaws for three days and cause great damage to their ranks. However, the lack of water begins to take its toll on both the woman and the boy forcing them to dig into reserves of endurance and fortitude neither of them realised they possessed. Their only hope is that the woman's husband and the posse will get to them before the outlaws do. However, unbeknown to them, the posse members have run into troubles of their own as they fight off Indians and find themselves afoot in the wilderness. With moral at rock bottom, they find themselves having to walk nearly seventy miles through some of the most inhospitable terrain in the country. Can they get to Cait and the boy before the outlaws kill them or they die of thirst?
A different kind of western with a different kind of hero.

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