Christian Romance | Heaven on Earth… 4 Beautiful & Inspirational Faith Based Love Stories | Novel, Novella

Christian Romance | Heaven on Earth… 4 Beautiful & Inspirational Faith Based Love Stories | Novel, Novella
: Joanne Sawyer
: Christian Romance Books
: 136
: Fiction : Romance
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4 Beautiful Christian Romance Stories in 1 Place...

Book 1: It's Only Love...

It sometimes happens that two strangers would meet and suddenly feel like they’ve known each other all their lives. It’s a bone-deep feeling, strange and overwhelming, and often it is dismissed by those who experience it.

For Lucy Bright and Charles Ambrose, two people of deep religious faith, this feeling that struck them upon meeting as teenagers was not something to fear and try to forget, but something to marvel at and explore. But they’d both been young and inexperienced then, and though they would have been willing to hold on to this chance and even fight for it if they had to, neither of them knew how.

And so they parted ways, and for five long years, they didn’t see each other again. Until the day when, unlooked for, they crossed each other’s paths.

Seeing this for what it was: God’s gift to them, a second chance to grab at what they could have together and make things right, the young pair would let nothing hinder them this time… even if the obstacle happened to be their own families.

Book 2: Giving The Best of Me...

Sometimes life leaves you devastated, but God will always have a plan for you.

Karen has her life turned upside down when her six year relationship ends suddenly, but God has a different life set out for her...

She meets Gage in a remote village she volunteers to practice medicine in and sparks fly, but Gage is keeping his distance... Can Karen eventually breakthrough?

Book 3: You’ve Got a Way With Me…

Melissa has always been driven by her dreams, namely, a career in interior design and a residence in England. But her dream life isn’t all it’s cut out to be, especially as her father falls ill and she has to return home for an unwitting goodbye that she never guessed would come. Back home, she’s faced with the seriousness of father’s illness and his last remaining fears about her and the solitary life she leads...

Armed with resolve and faith in God, she trudges on, wanting to make the passing easier for her whole family. Her heavy burden is lightened by Jordan James, her brother’s best friend and business partner, a man who may harbour more than friendly feelings for her.

In this poignant and bitter sweet story about love and loss, will Melissa finally open her heart to the Godly man she can spend the rest of her life with?

Book 4: I Think I’m Falling For You…

I Think I’m Falling for You is a story about two very different people who might just be meant for each other. Elise is a straight-laced business woman who has no time for fun and games, building up her business in the memory of her departed mother. She has her business and her faith in God, and she thinks that’s all she needs, until she meets Tristan Maine, a man who has the power to turn her into mush.

There’s more to Tristan than meets the eye, however. He’s made mistakes in life but he knows one thing, he found the girl who could change his life and lead him down a path of faith, love and happiness; he can’t just let her slip away, he has to convince her of his sincerity and show her how much he’s willing to change for her. Can he win over Elise?

4 Beautiful Christian Romance Stories in 1 Place...Get Yours Now!

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