The Unlikely Bride: Christian Brides Historical Series

The Unlikely Bride: Christian Brides Historical Series
: Tish Davis
: 139
: Fiction : Romance
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Helen Barnwell never considered herself a great matrimonial catch. Next to her sister she feels plain, but she’s satisfied with the looks God gave her. She chooses to be content with her quiet life of books about animals in exotic places. With her studies and the demanding care of her older parents, there’s no room for a husband in her life.
When her sister, Margaret, hatches a plan to use their meager inheritance and travel to Tarpon Springs, Florida, Helen agrees. Margaret wants to snag a wealthy husband, but Helen has different ideas for the holiday. She’s not looking to fall in love. Instead, she hopes to study alligators in the wild outside the pages of a book, and Florida is the place to do it. She knows the animals are dangerous so she can’t tell anyone of her plans, not even Charles.

Charles Decker is in Tarpon Springs for a different reason. He isn’t looking for a wife – that’s the last thing he needs. Instead he has come to recover. Following an injury while working on the railroad, he’s mistaken for a railroad baron. Women fawn over him and he quickly becomes annoyed and bored until he meets Helen Barnwell. She intrigues him, being so different from the other husband hunters. She’s lovely in an understated way and he admires her faith. Despite his plans to remain detached, he can’t help falling in love with her. But everyone seems to have secrets, including Helen and her sister. Can he protect her from other men who aren’t what they appear? And what will happen when it’s time for them to part ways?

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