A Nebraska Mail Order Bride Series - Deceit and Redemption

A Nebraska Mail Order Bride Series - Deceit and Redemption
: Katherine St.Clair
: Maplewood Publishing
: 68
: Non Fiction : General
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Romina’s secret could destroy her marriage to Raymond. How will he ever forgive her? Will she tell him before someone else does…. In the middle of the turmoil, the young couple faces new, unexpected challenges that could force them further apart or bring them closer together…

Telling his secret to Romina opened Raymond’s eyes and heart to her wifely charms. As Raymond becomes more and more like the man she never knew she wanted, Romina begins to let Raymond inside her heart and into her bed.

When a mystery man in a powder blue suit and top hat comes to call, Romina’s life as Evangeline is changed forever. Facing discovery from her husband or the stranger, Romina chooses her husband. Raymond’s heart is crushed to learn that the Evangeline he married is not Evangeline at all.

Through the strained days after the discovery, Romina makes a decision to leave the farm, but before she can, disaster strikes. Jeb Pickering and the O’Donnell boys have one more surprise in store for Raymond, and it’s red hot. Romina must step up to save the farm and possibly save her marriage in the process.

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