Hang Your Heart on Christmas: A Western Romance Novella

Hang Your Heart on Christmas: A Western Romance Novella
: Heather Blanton
: Rivulet Publishing
: 170
: Fiction : Romance
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U.S. Marshal Robert “Dent” Hernandez has a gift, if you call specializing in death a gift. Under the auspices of his badge, he tracks and arrests some of the worst criminals Wyoming Territory can spit out. For Dent, the line between vengeance and justice has never been clear. Out there somewhere is the man who killed his father. Dent will find him.

When a prisoner transfer goes awry in his hometown of Evergreen, Wyoming, and Dent’s good friend, Sheriff Ben Hayes, is killed in the crossfire, Dent is forced to serve as interim sheriff. Evergreen is the last place he wants to be. Not only does the town hold some bad memories, but Dent should be out on the trail running down vicious killers, not scolding candy thieves. And he most certainly should not be escorting the very pretty, but jittery, schoolteacher around. What is she so afraid of?

Turns out a lot of people in Evergreen are keeping secrets.

When the bank is robbed and Dent has to do what he does best, choices will be made, lies will be exposed, and hearts will break. It’s going to be an interesting Christmas in Evergreen

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