Mail Order Bride: The Barren Bride Claimed By Her Bad Wild Marshal: The Not Quite Mail Order Husband (A Pioneer Western Romance: Brides OF Perry Lake Book3)

Mail Order Bride: The Barren Bride Claimed By Her Bad Wild Marshal: The Not Quite Mail Order Husband (A Pioneer Western Romance: Brides OF Perry Lake Book3)
: Faye Sonja
: Speedy publishing LLC
: 88
: Fiction : Drama
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It's 1905. Come on down to Perry Lake, Kansas' little spot of parade. Here, you'll find mystery, adventure, and possibly love.
"A story about the Not Quit Mail-Order Husband sort of tale"
"Another woman answers the call for love in this 1906 tale"

Two brothers down, one to go! Love is hard to resist in the city of Perry Lake, Kansas.

Faith Coleman is a happy seamstress. She's got her business and she's got the hearts of the five children she's taken in only months ago.

Yes, raising them ALL by herself alone is hard!
. . . well . . . but Faith is managing the best way she knows how.

What Faith DOESN'T NEED is the aid of a former lawless man who's words seemed to call a place in herself she'd already adandoned long ago - to fell in LOVE AGAIN!

Too bad Marshal Joshua Reaper can't help but to disagree. He's sure that Faith has been sent to him by God. As a former outlaw who turned Marshal, Joshua believed a second chance is given to him to mend his old ways by the grace of God. He has lived a hard life, but somewhere in it all, Faith seems to be his light at the end of a long road. He sees his blessing for what it is, but is having trouble convincing Faith of the same. 

But, can Faith get over her fears long enough to trust God?
Will these two ever find the happily ever after that's intended for them?

"Are you Mark's new wife?"Faith shook her head. "No, I'm Faith Coleman. I'm just a long-time family friend." Faith then went on to introduce the girls by name.
Relief seemed to spread over his strong features. Faith blushed, realizing what had just happened. The stranger was making sure that Faith was available. "You must be Joshua."

But outside of the five young reasons, there is ONE utmost REASON Faith rejects Joshua . . .

She is BARREN!
Faith can never give a man children of his own. She was married once and her ex-husband left her because of this reason! It's her shame and the thing that threatens to hold the entire family back from true happiness.

"I can't have children," Faith said . . .
Joshua's eyes widened . . .
Joshua smiled. "I came for you, Faith. Marry me."
His words almost made it hard for Faith to stand, but she didn't fall. "I can't.""Why not?" He insisted.
"I saw the way you were with the children."
"You're really good with them, Joshua. You'll want your own one day." . . .
. . . "A timeless piece of work, full of love, hope, and moving on." . . .

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