The Gatekeepers of Genthor: A Medieval Fantasy

The Gatekeepers of Genthor: A Medieval Fantasy
: Regina Clarke
: Crossing Paths Press
: 341
: Fiction : SciFi
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A hidden enemy. A doorway into a virtual world. A brother and sister in a medieval land who must hunt a killer.

On journeys into the enchanted forest of Aginmare, Gwendolen receives training in the ancient art of the Esoteric, to master inner vision. At home in the summer fields of Genthor, Will trains in the longbow with his uncle, a monk in a nearby monastery, and sees himself as a spiritual warrior. Their lives seem cloistered and safe.

Until a nameless and unseen intruder threatens their world.

Gwendolen and Will find themselves immersed in a dark journey. Extraordinary help comes to them, first through Gideon, Will's falcon, who teaches him the power of silence in war. Then there is Ga Fael Fawr, the gatekeeper of Aginmare, who gives Gwendolen a sword that is much more than a weapon.

They must find the way soon, for the intruder has already crossed the barrier of the esoteric, and broken the line between worlds.

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