Hungary For Adventure (1 Book 2)

Hungary For Adventure (1 Book 2)
: L.T.W.Lucas
: L T W Lucas
: 184
: Fiction : General
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Brace yourself for what's about to happen.
A move to Hungary is going to affect the dynamics of the entire family, and what a family they are!
With over-inflated egos, artistic ambitions, a penchant for disaster and delusional expectations... We get to spend a year in their company.
Does the sister who left for Hungary with the boyfriend she's only known a few weeks find love?
How well does that big family Christmas get-together really pan out?
Why did a son-in-law spend a night in the cells and who made front page news on the tabloids?
These are just a few questions that will be answered within the pages of this, must read, book.
A rich and comic farce full of adventure.
Take a back seat in the old Austin A35 and travel down the bumpy dirt track to the end.

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