Native Storm (Earth MetaMorphosis Book 1)

Native Storm (Earth MetaMorphosis Book 1)
: Sara Butler
: 248
: Fiction : SciFi
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A search for a serial murderer, but will truth be the final victim?

Native Storm, a futuristic murder mystery, is set on earth after it has succumbed and recovered from a global warming disaster and humans have fled to the stars. Three colonies repopulate Earth, vying to establish their own vision of a perfect world.
Every twentieth night another family in Fleet is slaughtered in their sleep. There are few clues, but all in Fleet suspect that the Natives from the southern islands are involved. One name has arisen as prime suspect: the Native Krieg, a tavern owner who had once trained as a Fleet Mystic.
Schell Faber, eager to lead the Hive, her religious colony, has reached her time of testing. Her challenge sends her out into a great storm, where she rescues a Native from the raging ocean. Thanos Matthiason, who works with the infamous Krieg, provides shelter for her, and an unlikely friendship begins. As she finds evidence to prove that Krieg is behind the twentieth-night murders, she is forced to choose between pleasing those who can promote her and her loyalty to her rescuer. But most of all she must find the truth.
As Schell seeks answers, the killer targets her as his next victim. Can her new Native friend save her? And when she discovers the identity of the murderer, can she save the lives of those targeted in Fleet, and the souls of the Hive community?
Native Storm is the first in the Earth MetaMorphosis series. Vengeance is Mine debuts in April 2016 with Faith of the Father coming December 2016. The trilogy traces the transformation of the colonies on the changed Earth through the struggles of those caught between cultures. The protagonists struggle with questions of hope, equality, tyranny, and faith in creating the best future for Earth.

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