Anti Inflammatory Diet: The Holistic Approach: Alleviate Pain, Stimulate Healing and Restore Vibrant Health (Autoimmune Disease, Anti-Inflammatory Diet, Cookbook Book 4)

Anti Inflammatory Diet: The Holistic Approach: Alleviate Pain, Stimulate Healing and Restore Vibrant Health (Autoimmune Disease, Anti-Inflammatory Diet, Cookbook Book 4)
: Kira Novac
: 88
: Non Fiction : General
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Anti-Inflammatory Diet, Lifestyle & Cooking Made Easy, Exciting, Delicious and Fun!

  • Discover how much variety you can ENJOY on an anti-inflammatory diet so that you never feel deprived again.

  • Your guide to eating a healthy anti-inflammatory diet while keeping your taste buds satisfied!

  • Do you think that anti-inflammatory diets are boring, complicated or confusing?

    Are you not sure of where to start your transition?

    Learn how to eat a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet and make it:

  • Doable

  • Fun

  • Inexpensive

  • Full of variety and taste

  • Family friendly

  • Quick and easy

  • Whether your interest in learning more about an anti-inflammatory diet comes from a medical condition you are experiencing, weight management, and/or simply wanting to achieve optimal health, this guide is an excellent place to start.

    You can finally learn how to eradicate the following:

  • Feeling like you are constantly or too-frequently craving sugar (refined OR not) and starch

  • Feeling "addicted" to sugar and that with willpower alone, you simply can't say no

  • Feeling sluggish or tired

  • Trouble sleeping/insomnia

  • High amounts of stress and wanting to support your body with food (emotional eating)

  • Digestive symptoms such as bloating, gas, acid reflux, pain, trouble digesting

  • Frequent allergic symptoms such as itchiness, hives, runny nose, redness

  • Foggy brain

  • Increased and/or unexplained irritability, anxiousness, moodiness

  • Inability to lose weight

  • Joint pain

  • Headaches

  • You see; your body needs more anti-inflammatory nutrition in order for you to enjoy health. However, many of us exist on empty, high-calorific foods that are more than unhealthy. They contain shocking levels of processed sugars, saturated fats and other chemicals. As we live a fast lifestyle full of stress and toxins, we neglect many of our body's needs. The result can only be sickness. All of these things create chronic inflammation which makes us fat, sick, depressed and significantly more likely to end up in an early grave.

    Here's a short preview of what you are just about to discover:

  • What inflammation is and how a holistic approach can help

  • A simple explanation of anti-inflammatory diets (simplifying all of that mind-boggling science stuff)

  • Why the anti-inflammatory lifestyle is so popular

  • How pro-inflammatory foods damage your health (and what to do about it)

  • A detailed list of the foods to celebrate and enjoy

  • A detailed list of the foods to reduce or avoid

  • How superfoods can help you heal

  • Mind & Body Benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle

  • Gluten-free blueprint - learn exactly which foods to avoid and which foods to add

  • Anti-inflammatory diet cooking mastery - how to conjure up amazingly healthy and tasty nutritious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and snacks

  • Over 30 delicious anti-inflammatory diet recipes YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE

    What are you waiting for? Grab your copy now and start creating a healthy lifestyle without feeling bored, deprived or stressed out!

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