Phantastes (Xist Classics)

Phantastes (Xist Classics)
: George MacDonald
: Xist Classics
: 197
: Fiction : SciFi
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One of the Original Fairy Tale Classics of Western Literature

“Alas, how easily things go wrong! / A sigh too much, a kiss too long / And there follows a mist and a weeping rain / And life is never the same again” - George MacDonald, Phantastes

Imagine turning 21 and being dragged into a fantasy world full of perils and creatures that want to kill you. Imagine overcoming these dangers, going from villain to hero and beyond, loving and being deceived, helping and being helpless. Imagine waking up and everybody saying you’re gone for 21 days, though it felt like 21 years. How would you change your life?

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