Strange Tales

Strange Tales
: John Reinhard Dizon
: Creativia
: 194
: Fiction : Mystery
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In the macabre style of Stephen King, with twists of satire and irony reminiscent of O. Henry, comes three Strange Tales...

ēA series of gruesome murders haunt a small Irish village. After a mysterious woman arrives to the town, the villagers find a young girl tortured and mutilated at the bottom of Devilís Drop. Who is The Lady on the Hill?

ēA prosperous, self-absorbed couple uncharacteristically offer shelter to two beggars. But then both claim to be reincarnated souls from a long-forgotten past, hell bent on possessing their saviours to be reunited in flesh. Who are the Kids in the Park?

ēOne man develops a close relationship with a half-starved horse, rescued from an abandoned farmhouse. But troubling visions soon plague his waking moments. Can he prevent the terrible future Edd foretells?

Donít miss John Reinhard Dizonís latest work: a thrilling ride between the past, present, and future.

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