The Dawn's Early Light: A Mike Elliot Thriller Book I, Revised Edition

The Dawn's Early Light: A Mike Elliot Thriller Book I, Revised Edition
: Lee Duffy
: 265
: Fiction : Drama
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A gripping terrorism thriller with a startling twist.

Former Special Forces operative Mike Elliot is a man with a troubled past. Narco-terrorists savagely murdered his first wife, young daughter and three other hostages when he couldn’t save them. Now, history repeats itself and he stands to lose his second wife Lynn to a new and unimaginable horror.

The hijacking came out of nowhere. It was swift and merciless. Then the real terror began. One of the terrorists is a deranged and vicious psychopath, and the innocent captives will face the most terrifying three days of their lives.

Delta Force deploys to save the hostages, only to encounter a trap set by an assassin who plans to massacre the commandos as they launch their mission. The CIA chief of station in Beirut risks everything to stop this killer before it is too late.

Bound and injured, Mike Elliot is desperate to act as the hijackers prepare to murder their hostages one by one. He must find a way to save them all this time. Mike doesn’t know that Delta Force is planning a rescue, and unfortunately what he doesn’t know could get everyone killed.

As Delta’s mission unfolds, the unit commander struggles with his own past, and he deliberately disobeys the President of the United States. When dawn at last approaches and Delta moves in for its long-awaited assault, the assassin closes in for the final kill. It all comes crashing together in one tumultuous roller coaster of a collision, and it all happens by the Dawn’s Early Light.

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