DEFIER: The Girl Who Stood

DEFIER: The Girl Who Stood
: Mandy Fender
: Stouthearted Publishing
: 294
: Fiction : Drama
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A YA novel inspired by Christian bravery.

In a world at war, one girl's faith makes her a soldier…

Seventeen-year-old Lennox Winters is no stranger to loss. She’s lost her parents, her home, and is in constant danger of losing herself. As she struggles with what to believe she encounters Christ in a way that she cannot ignore. Kept alive by her newfound faith and accompanied by her loyal best friend, Lennox bravely emerges into a world at war on a quest for the truth. Only after Lennox has journeyed through perilous territory, eluded biologically altered predators, and overcomes the most intense of challenges does the real work begin.

Will Lennox continue to fight for faith no matter how personal the cost?

The fate of humanity rests in the answer.


Defier: The Girl Who Stood is comprehensively, spiritually, and powerfully written. It is phenomenal, a book which, by no doubt, can change people’s lives and challenge their thoughts about God and His promise. This book will absolutely move mountains and will save billions of souls. Every detail in the book is stimulating, perfect to awaken those who refuse to believe in God and His existence. It’s a triumphant ending, a metaphor of what the Revelation of the Bible tells us about Armageddon, that in the end, all glory, honor, power, and victory are to God!
Defier has a catchy start. The characters’ emotions are depicted well, especially Lennox’s.

It is highly and unquestionably recommended! - Teresa May B. Bandiola, author of The Forest of Evergreen (Volume 1): Lost in the Wilderness

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