Palm Reading for Beginners: Your Future Revealed in the Palm of Your Hands

Palm Reading for Beginners: Your Future Revealed in the Palm of Your Hands
: Clarissa Lightheart
: Palmistry, Fortune Telling, Witchcraft, Wicca, Magick, Divination
: 79
: Non Fiction : General
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Learn to read palm in less than 24 hours! You hold your future in your hands.. you just need to read it!
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In learning to read the lines and formations on your palms and fingers, you will gain insight into your unique characteristics, your health issues, your money, your personality, your love life, your social skills, and many other important aspects of day-to-day life. And it’s easy to learn and do! Just read this book and start reading palms.

It is believed that there is a connection between astrology and palmistry and understanding it can help people interpret their future, in order to navigate accordingly.

In this book, you will learn:

•Uncover the basics of palmistry,
•How to read your palms,
•Discover the various types of hands, and different ways they can be classified and interpreted,
•The secrets the fingers can reveal,
•Explore the different lines of your palms and their meaning,
•Discover the importance of shapes that can hide in your hands and fingers, where to find them, and what they say about a person’s temperament and their future,
•learn how palmists make connections between the parts of the hand with the various celestial bodies and signs of the zodiac,
•Uncover how to use all these factors to bring everything together to foretell your fate and start reading palms of friends and family.

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