Murder at the PanIonic Games (Bias of Priene Book 1)

Murder at the PanIonic Games (Bias of Priene Book 1)
: Michael B. Edwards
: BruKat Publishing
: 260
: Fiction : Mystery
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Set in the Greek city-state of Priene in 650 B.C., this fascinating murder mystery opens with Bias, the protagonist, being stalked by a murderer at the sacred grounds of the Panionion, the religious and political center of the Ionic League.

A minor priest, Bias assists at the opening of the Panionic Games by securing the blessing of Priene’s reigning deity, Poseidon. But while the games are being blessed, Priene’s best athlete is poisoned and dies in Bias’s arms. The citizens perceive Bias to be infected by the "miasma of death" and he is challenged with the responsibility of finding the killer.

Told with wit and authentic period color, this is an unusual mystery that readers will remember for its convincing plot and unique historic atmosphere.

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