Chain Lynx (The Lynx Series Book 3)

Chain Lynx (The Lynx Series Book 3)
: Fiona Quinn
: 403
: Fiction : Mystery
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She Survived A Devastating Plane Crash, But An Even Greater Catastrophe May Still Await Her

Found in the debris of the plane wreck barely alive, Lexi Sobado is finally home. But home does not mean safe. Someone powerful, connected, and willing to kill is after her.

˃˃˃ An Enemy That Threatens More Than Her Own Security

Lexi Sobado, the young Iniquus puzzling prodigy, puts her expertise to the test as she faces a dark enemy, threatening not only her and Iniquus, but American defense and safety.

˃˃˃ Lives are on the line, can Lexi find the puppet master in time?

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