The Actuary (From Russia, With Love Book 1)

The Actuary (From Russia, With Love Book 1)
: K T Bowes
: K T Bowes Publishing
: 487
: Fiction : Mystery
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Emma is a young mother raising her son in terrible poverty, when she runs into her former Russian lover. The gorgeous Rohan Andreyev is determined to pursue her but the spiteful women who surround him, conspire to make Emma's life unbearable. When Rohan's work as an actuary spills over into his personal life, Emma finds herself at the centre of a dangerous conspiracy that will leave her in the hands of ruthless men. Into the intrigue comes Rohan's business partner, Christopher Dolan. Irish, handsome and with an agenda of his own, Emma struggles to understand whether he is friend or foe. The men in her life seem determined to win or destroy her. Emma has a choice to make; whether to stay in the sleepy town of Market Harborough or disappear with her son forever.

Whatever she decides, there is one good reason why her fate will be linked to Rohan Andreyev's until the end of time. She loves him, but he is the Actuary and his job isn't quite what she believes.

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