Vanished: Chilling True Stories of Missing Persons Missing People

Vanished: Chilling True Stories of Missing Persons Missing People
: Andrew J. Clark
: 108
: Non Fiction : General
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Over 8 million people go missing each and every year…just vanishing into thin air...
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Of these, some are found within hours, others within days, some within weeks, and certain people are found after months of being away. However, the story does not always end happily.

Of the millions who go missing every year around the world, there are those who simply vanish and are never seen again. The sheer volume of people who disappear each and every year are when examined in detail, terrifying. In this book, we will touch upon some of the most terrifying, touching, strange, and worrying stories.

In this book, we hope to examine the sheer range of cases which have enthralled the interested and distressed those involved for many years. Some of these cases became national stories while others remain private tragedies. In the cases of missing persons, trying to find an explanation is almost as difficult as trying to find the person themselves. So join us on this journey and discover just how morbidly fascinating and compelling the cases of the missing can become.

Here are some of the cases that you will find inside:

•The criminal mastermind who vanished when jumping from a plane
•The case of the woman abducted by Bigfoot!
•America’s first missing person
•The crazed writer and human rights lawyer who vanished in Mexico
•The horror writer who vanished into the unknown
•The genius computer scientist who vanished without a trace
•One of the world’s first filmmakers vanishes before reaping the rewards of his invention
•Two generations vanish from the same house on the same night
•And much more!

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