Full Circle

Full Circle
: Angelica Kate
: 200
: Fiction : Romance
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Eryn spent years putting her hometown in the rearview mirror, never wanting to revisit the events that drove her from the only home she had known. She has become a successful businesswoman with a heart of stone, moving from one critical assignment to another never in one place too long. Now on the verge of attaining that final all important promotion, she is given the final test in a project so big it will be the feather in her cap or her undoing. The only obstacle, it is the new Sports Complex in her hometown.

Noah was the older brother of Eryn’s best friend growing up and part of her extended family. Every memory he has of his childhood she is intertwined within, but after a set of tragedies in his life he has locked up all those warm memories and replaced them with a no nonsense work routine and raising his daughter as a single father . When his company wins the bid for the new Sports Complex it is the job of a lifetime for his family construction business. Unfortunately, the Project Manager from the company’s corporate office overseeing the project is a blast from his past and may push the bounds of his professional behavior.

Neither Noah nor Eryn is willing to back down from a challenge, but working together proves to be a bigger obstacle than either has experienced previously. Throw in meddling family members, and one precocious little girl and things get a lot more complicated. They are navigating a haunting past, trying to both do what they must to advance their careers and fighting their feelings in the mix.

Sometimes history isn’t linear, it’s a circle and all the running in the world just brings you one step closer to confronting the past!

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