Life Purpose Alchemy: Discover what fulfils you and do what you love for a living

Life Purpose Alchemy: Discover what fulfils you and do what you love for a living
: Lisa Cherry Beaumont
: 70
: Non Fiction : Business
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Life Purpose Alchemy: Discover what fulfils you and do what you love for a living

Unlike some other popular titles about purpose-finding and entrepreneurship that offer little more than a set of pretty affirmations or a rags-to-riches story about the author’s own business success, this completely different and hugely effective practical, step-by-step workbook focuses only on YOU.

Because it contains no fluff or bullsh*t (am I allowed to say that on Amazon? Well, I just did, sue me), it takes just a few hours to complete yet is deep, thorough, inspiring and though-provoking. By the end, you will have a clear focus on your life purpose and a set of steps to get you started.

If you‘re stuck, wondering what you’re supposed to be doing with your life...

If you're job-hunting but aren't sure what to hunt for…

If you’re looking for a career-change but don't know what to change to…

If you want to start a business but can't make your mind up what type of business…

If you feel like your life’s not your own and want some control and freedom...

Basically, if you want to do work that’s meaningful to you, and fully understand what will fulfil you and then go and do it...

...this step-by-step workbook is for you. In 6 steps it will give you:

Clarity on what you want out of life
Knowledge of what you’re really good at
A deep understanding of your own personal values
Insight into what motivates you and makes you genuinely, deep-down happy
A mindset optimised for success
A clear set of action steps to get you started.

In around 4-5 hours, you’ll go from feeling that you should be doing something more important / meaningful / creative with your life, to knowing exactly what that is, having a clear focus and some tangible action steps to get you started.

This book is a workbook, therefore you’ll be answering questions. The quickest, easiest and most economical way for you to do this is as follows:

Step 1: Scroll up to the top of the page and buy the Kindle version of the book.
You don’t need a Kindle to use it, just download the free Kindle app so you can read Kindle books on your phone/tablet/laptop/computer.

Step 2: Inside the Kindle book, you’ll find a link to a PDF (online book) which you can either print off (it’s 70 pages) OR better still, you can type your answers straight into the PDF and save it to your computer.

You don’t need career advice. All the answers to what you want and need are inside you, and this workbook will get them out of you.

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