A Slaveholder's Lamentations

A Slaveholder's Lamentations
: Jim Uppendahl
: Independent
: 214
: Fiction : Romance
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Traveling north from Clarksville, Tennessee, into Kentucky on State Highway 104, one quickly approaches a sign which reads “Welcome to Trenton, founded by Lewis Leavell in 1817.”

After Lewis’ untimely death, his son Lycurgus, at sixteen years of age, inherited Lewis’s tobacco plantation. Lycurgus lived an unorthodox and rebellious life in opposition to his family. With little regard for discretion, Lycurgus challenged religious as well as societal mores and legal standards. Indeed, he was a villain or hero, depending on one’s point of view.

This story has been written as the result of countless conversations with Lewis Leavell’s descendants concerning his family’s exploits and legends, as well as supportive historical documents, such as the hand-written appraisal of Lewis Leavell’s estate and Lycurgus Leavell’s Will, excerpts of which are included in this book.

**NOTE**This book doesn’t contain chapters and is written much like a verbal retelling of the story in chronological order.

Jim Uppendahl was born in Independence, Kansas but now resides in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Jim participated in football and track. He graduated from college with a bachelor of Science degree from Southern Colorado State University in Pueblo, and later a second degree in sociology from the University of Science and Arts in Chickasha, Oklahoma.

He wrote the book about his great-great-grandfather Leonidas Leavell’s brother, Lycurgus, who was indeed a skeleton in the family closet. The writing and accompanying paintings were completed over a period of several years at the Veterans’ Administration Hospital in Oklahoma City’s Therapeutic Recreation Clinic where Jim is a patient suffering from Schizophrenia and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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