Itchy Mitch and the Taming of Broken Jaw Junction

Itchy Mitch and the Taming of Broken Jaw Junction
: Duane L. Ostler
: 128
: Kids : 9-12
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In the year 1885, the sleepy little Nevada town of Broken Jaw Junction is a quiet place--until Old Jake finds gold!

Suddenly the town is overrun by outlaws, galoots and trouble makers of all kinds, and there doesn't seem to be a sheriff in the old west who can stop them.

That is, until vegetable-loving 'Itchy Mitch' Gardener arrives. He looks like a harmless West Virginia farm boy who would rather just plant tomatoes and hoe weeds than fight outlaws. But somehow he manages to stop quick draws, bank robbers, cattle thieves, claim jumpers and bullies. And he does it all with just a few carrot sticks and celery!

It looks like Sheriff Mitch is unstoppable and that law and order and vegetable salad have come to Broken Jaw Junction to stay. But even Itchy Mitch isn't invincible, and one day he meets his match in a most unexpected foe ...

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