Keep the Ghost (the Keep the Ghost Trilogy Book 1)

Keep the Ghost (the Keep the Ghost Trilogy Book 1)
: Scott Kelly
: 212
: Fiction : Mystery
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It started as a fake suicide. It ended in a very real murder.

Eighteen-year-old Sean would do anything for his crush Kayla, even help the girl stage her own death. But after her near-sighted plan takes a dark turn and her corpse washes up on the beach, those little lies he told to the police don’t seem so little anymore.

When he becomes the prime suspect, his only hope to avoid prison may be to follow in Kayla's doomed footsteps by faking his own death. With the manhunt on his heels, he must put his trust in a dangerous couple with a devious idea for his second chance at life. Will Sean escape to freedom or will he unwittingly step into the noose of his own tangled plan?

Keep the Ghost is the first book in a series of edgy mystery thrillers. If you like fast-paced suspense, heart-stopping plot twists, and deadly double-crosses, then you’ll love Scott Kelly’s nail-biting tale.

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