Roadkill (Double Barrel Mysteries Book 1)

Roadkill (Double Barrel Mysteries Book 1)
: Barbara Ellen Brink
: Barbara Ellen Brink
: 302
: Fiction : Mystery
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Blake and Shelby Gunner think they’re living the perfect life. He’s a hotshot homicide detective and she is doing what she loves best, small theatre acting. But after an arrest goes badly and Blake is shot and injured, they decide to leave the crime-ridden city for the quiet, quirky little hamlet where he grew up. Nestled along Lake Superior in the upper peninsula of Michigan, Port Scuttlebutt isn’t as calm and serene as they anticipated. Below an innocent Mayberry surface are secrets as dangerous as the great lake’s rip currents.
Staying at The Drunken Sailor Bed and Breakfast, they learn that the proprietor’s wife was killed in an unsolved hit-and-run and there’s more to this mystery than meets the eye. The mayor, the librarian, a homeless man, and a rich old woman all have legitimate motives for murder. Can the Gunners figure it out before the killer’s next victim is lying dead in the road?

~~Editorial Reviews:
"ROADKILL by Barbara E Brink has it all. It is an on the cozy-side mystery, fast-paced suspense, and laugh out loud humor. Her characters are strong, easy to like or not, and I found myself easily stepping into the world of Port Scuttlebutt, MI. Blake and Shelby Gunner are in the middle of a life-changing decision when murder and mayhem threaten to derail their dreams. Blake, a former cop is drawn into an old mystery fraught with personal danger. Shelby loves her man and isn’t about to let him go solving mysteries and murders by himself, and decides she’s the perfect woman for the job. Author Barbara E Brink’s talents shine most brightly in this first book of the Double Barrel Mysteries series. -Joy DeKok, Author of Between the Lies.

Barbara E Brink exhibits quite an imagination and skill at setting up a mystery. I loved all the teasing threads and how she tied them together. The characters were real and natural and some so quirky I couldn't wait to see what they'd do next. By the final chapters, I was rushing to get to the resolution. I sincerely hope she makes a series out of Roadkill.
- Felicia Mires, author of Christian romance for any genre.

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