The Butterfly: A Short Story of Life, Mystery, and the Impossibility of Endings

The Butterfly: A Short Story of Life, Mystery, and the Impossibility of Endings
: M.G. Hawking
: 62
: Fiction : Mystery
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Discover an Elegant Short Story of the Mystery and Magic of Life.

Welcome. If you enjoy enchanting stories—the kind that prompt you to briefly put down your reading because you're inspired to think about what you've just read—then you'll love this tale. A brief excerpt:

"Night has arrived, in the softness of fading light, in the silence of emerging stars. The earlier sweep of high clouds has disappeared, the sky is perfect, the air heavy yet not oppressive. Despite the warmth of the deepening dusk, I light several small logs in the fire pit. They catch swiftly, crackling and sparking. Tiny embers spiral upward into the twilight. Always I have loved the vastness and beauty of nature, sensed some deep mystery there, some great and incomprehensibly profound meaning. One treks through the great mountains and endless deserts, standing eternal like monumental impenetrable puzzles, inviting wonder and question. What is this vastness, what does it mean?—and the beauty, what is the cause of it? What makes it? What is this enormous energy of the world, the power, the life, the light?"

This compelling story explores these mysteries, the magic and light of that pure bead of energy that animates us all, and the impossibility of endings.

A richly entertaining tale that, if allowed, will come to take on a life of its own.

2019 Edition, Kindle e-reader page count 95 (estimated, actual page count varies with the reading device used). Special Anthology Section includes excerpts and information regarding books from Wisdom Masters Press In The Valley of Supreme Masters, The Greatest Knowledge of the Ages Book Series, and the Companion Volumes to that series.

Library-Cataloging-Data: beauty, life, mystery, visionary, metaphysical, mystical, esoteric, enlightenment, wisdom, higher knowledge, manifesting abundance

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