Vengeance Is Mine: Resurrections (Sam and Laura's Story Book 3)

Vengeance Is Mine: Resurrections (Sam and Laura's Story Book 3)
: Kwen D Griffeth
: 288
: Fiction : General
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After Tragedy Rips Sam And Laura Apart

Life for Sam and Laura radically changed when their children succumbed to illness. This tragedy drove them further apart and it was difficult to imagine what, if anything, might ever reunite them. At the least, Sam will finally have to overcome the ghosts of his past and become the man he was meant to be.

??? Learning To Live Again

In addition to the tragic loss of her children, Laura must also confront feelings of betrayal, resentment and abandonment that materialized when Sam left. Can she endure the challenges set before her and emerge even stronger?

??? Seeing The World With New Eyes

Sam returns to his home town in Missouri where he encounters both old and new friends. As he struggles to live a life free of violence, he unexpectedly finds solace within a nearby Amish community whose hospitality and way of life allows him to see himself and the world in a new light.

??? Will Sam and Laura find happiness together? Can they overcome the many trials that stand in their way?

I have just finished the third book in the series and let me tell you, I loved the whole trilogy! Each book showed incredibly profound character development and it was a pleasure to follow Sam on his path to becoming the man which he was born to be, and which he has eventually become. " Amazon Customer

Vengeance is Mine is the phenomenal final chapter in the AWARD WINNING Sam and Laura series.

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