Healing Herbal Tea

Healing Herbal Tea
: Sylvia Cotton
: 210
: Non Fiction : Cooking
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This book shows how the many and varied herbs can be used to make therapeutic drinks and lotions.

This book will help you to discover the enormous potential of herbal teas and lotions. If, like many people today, you are becoming dissatisfied with relying on drugs for every minor ailment, why not turn instead to safer, non-habit-forming remedies like Chamomile, Caraway or Thyme teas. Herbal teas can help you to slim or to give up smoking; they can cheer you up or promote relaxation and restful sleep.

Sylvia will show you how to plan and propagate a herb garden - either in the garden in herb beds, tubs and window boxes, or indoors on the kitchen window sill and she gives advice about drying and preserving herbs for future use. Each herb is then fully described, with information on its therapeutic purpose and the best method of using it – in tisane, infusion or lotion form. As well as the alphabetical sections on the herbs themselves, there is also a therapeutic index to help you to find those herbs most beneficial in dealing with specific common ailments.

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