The Greatest Host

The Greatest Host
: Ray Jay Perreault
: Ray Jay Perreault
: 21
: Fiction : SciFi
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A wondering alien life form called Mists sought compatible hosts to share their lives. The Mists lived for a long time, traveling through the universe and they have shared their lives with many life forms. The Mists were able to find suitable hosts for short periods during which time they lived with the hosts and shared their lives. Eventually, the hosts evolved or changed and the sh the Mists had to move on. Other times the lives of their hosts were dangerous or short-lived, and they could spend only a short time sharing with those hosts. During one of the best hostings, they shared their lives with aquatic creatures that lived long lives, their period with them was good, but they were forced to leave when the oceans were changed by a bombardment of meteorites, which changed the chemicals of the oceans and the hosts could no longer survive.
Finally, the Mists traveled to a planet and found the perfect hosts to share their lives.
The new hosts had a good life, their life expectancy was long, and they had an excellent supply of food and water. They also benefitted by having a subservient creature caring for them.

This is a humorous mix of science fiction and reality. I'm sure any reader will see the humor and appreciate the role they play as the Mists continue sharing their lives.

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