Romance: Fury of Fate - A Mystery Romance: Romance, Mystery, Mystery Romance, Romantic Suspense (Kismet Trilogy Book 3)

Romance: Fury of Fate - A Mystery Romance: Romance, Mystery, Mystery Romance, Romantic Suspense (Kismet Trilogy Book 3)
: James Kipling
: Romance, Mystery, Mystery Romance, Romantic Thriller Publishing House
: 95
: Fiction : Mystery
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Bailey has returned home to take over as president of her father’s company once and for all but in the process, she must face Ryan again and he is not so eager to forgive and forget the way Bailey left him after his accident.

Mark struggles with what he’s learned about his father’s role in the eagerly anticipated business merger but Bailey’s new friend, Amelia proves an unexpected source of advice – and distraction.

Amelia must adjust to a new country, a new job, and reconciling the plans she had for getting over her ex with the feelings she’s developing for someone new.

Mark and Amelia both urge Bailey to make things right with Ryan by helping uncover who is behind his accident. When Ryan agrees to assist Bailey in another investigation, will they be able to keep things professional or will their personal history get between them and the answers they seek?

Scott sets out to find his mother to get answers and with vague and ill-conceived hopes of reuniting his family.

Bailey finds someone from her father’s past who might hold the key to tracking down and capturing James Welch, aka David Caterrel, but can she convince them to come forward at all?

‘Fury of Fate’ is the third and final book in the ‘Romance, Mystery, Mystery Romance, Romantic Suspense’ Trilogy by author James Kipling.


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