Paper - A Short Story (Breath Book 1)

Paper - A Short Story (Breath Book 1)
: Kell Inkston
: 21
: Fiction : General
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Armed with the Sword of Destiny, the only weapon powerful enough to destroy the overlord, Ralic seeks out a dark castle tucked away in the furthest recesses of a forbidden forest to save the town from the tyrant's oppressive grip.

Weird... the overlord looks quite a lot like... Ralic.

A battle of brawn and wits ensues, reality descending into chaos and madness for Ralic, his wife, and the people of the island. Ralic’s relationships and life are put to risk as it’s up to his newly-wed wife to discover the Overlords’ secret and save her love. Nothing is as it appears, and as years of treachery are set ablaze, the villagers come to see that there’s much less they can hold onto for support in the face of such an incredible threat. Soon, the people learn the value of holding fast to that which is true, honest, and sacred, something too humble to be praised, but too powerful to be ignored.

In this fun, empowering short story, discover the real meaning behind ‘The pen is mightier than the sword.’ Explore a blend of science fiction and fantasy, weaved through with both thrill and action. Visit the website for free downloads, more magical short stories, novellas, and novels of heroes, villains, and mystic lands.

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Looking for Paper's sequel, Nail? Just search for "Nail - A Short Story".

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