: Paige Powers
: 105
: Fiction : Romance
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Jack, a script writer in LA, breaks up with his girlfriend Lisa after she claims that he has no focus in life. Jack spends a few days depressed and drowning in self-pity before deciding he needs to get a roommate as he had burned through most of his savings. He places an advertisement on Craigslist and only gets one serious response from Lilly a struggling actress.

The story takes a turn when Jack and Lilly spend a lot of time together and Lilly turns out to be the perfect girl for Jack. Her sense of humor is much like Jack’s and they get along really well. Jack finds himself forgetting about his ex and slowly harbor feelings for Lilly.

Jack is left with the option of proving himself to Lilly as Lilly gets attracted to Richard a guy that she meets in her evening acting class. The drama unfolds as Jack tries to outdo Richard and eventually comes clean about his feelings for Lilly.

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