The Alien Corps: A Hickory Lace Science Fantasy Adventure

The Alien Corps: A Hickory Lace Science Fantasy Adventure
: PJ McDermott
: 314
: Kids : 9-12
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The Intragalactic Agency has requested the Alien Corps’ help to negotiate mining rights on the medieval planet, Prosperine. The IA believe the Corps' skills and experience in dealing with aliens will be valuable.

Commander Hickory Lace is released to the IA with the proviso she be allowed to interview a miracle worker on the planet who is of interest to the Corps.

When Hickory arrives, she finds Prosperine on the brink of war and uncovers a plot by rebel forces to overthrow the government. That’s a local matter and falls outside the IA’s charter. But when she comes across a sinister galactic force seeking to take advantage of the chaos, it becomes her problem.

Hickory must infiltrate the enemy to spy out their strength and plans for war.

Captured, tortured, and near death, Hickory has one shot. She must rediscover the powerful empathic gift she was born with. Only then does she have a chance to stop the aliens, find out who or what the miracle worker represents, and decide whether he is a fraud—or perhaps the very person the Corps was created to find.

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What Amazon readers are saying about this science fantasy adventure.

“A Great read. Had me at the first chapter. I did not want to stop reading. Loved the plot, the storyline, the action!!”

“Great character development. I was really attracted to the main character. The blend of adventure and inter-galactic political mischief was a new way of looking at things. Great fun.”

“McDermott creates a very original and hopeful future world similar to the kind of sci-fi I grew up loving. His alien characters are delightful and believable. I couldn't wait to read the second book, Rise of the Erlachi, which is even better!”

"WOW, did book one have me rapidly reading as I couldn't get enough! I liked the feisty Commander Hickory Lace from the start."

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Prosperine: Includes The Alien Corps, Rise of the Erlachi and The Scarf in one single volume.

All books are available in e-Book and paperback format.

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