The Alien Corps (Prosperine Book 1)

The Alien Corps (Prosperine Book 1)
: PJ McDermott
: Patrick McDermott Publishing
: 314
: Fiction : SciFi
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A Science Fiction Espionage Adventure with a Twist

Earth's political and economic security depends on the faster-than-light Surfboard® developed by the Intragalactic Agency. The Surfboard® is powered by the rare metal Crynidium, and one of the few places it can be found is on the planet Prosperine.

The IA is negotiating with Prosperine’s Government for exclusive mining rights, but intelligence suggests trouble is brewing. A radical faction is plotting to seize control and an alien with supernatural powers is creating unrest amongst the populace. If the rebels prevail, their manifesto to return the planet to the Dark Ages could prove disastrous for the Agency's plans. But more is at stake than Earth’s trading supremacy. If the mystery miracle worker turns out to be genuine, it could signal the end of all life in the galaxy.

Hickory Lace and her team are sent to investigate.

® Registered Trade Mark of the Intragalactic Agency

Also available in eBook and audio format.

What Amazon readers are saying about this epic space adventure.

“A Great read. Had me at the first chapter. Did not want to stop. Love the plot, the storyline, the action!!”

“Great characters; storyline with action, drama, and fast-paced intrigue; and unique description of an alien planet, society and it's population. Highly recommended. I would get other books in the series.”

“McDermott creates a very original and hopeful future world similar to the kind of sci-fi I grew up loving. His alien characters are delightful and believable. I could not wait to read the second book, Rise of the Erlachi which is even better!”

“This is a full-blown outer space adventure. Well described characters and a story that has a nice flow to it. I read it straight thru cover to cover.”

Read The Alien Corps today and discover why readers are calling McDermott "a contemporary Asimov."

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