The Reviled (Dark Fey Book 1)

The Reviled (Dark Fey Book 1)
: Cynthia A. Morgan
: Creativia
: 172
: Fiction : Romance
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From a young age, Ayla has known her gift.

Dedicated to become a Guardian of Childfey, she has spent her young years in the Temple, studying magic and ancient rites. There, she also learns about the mortal enemy of all Fey of the Light: the Reviled.

Gairynzvl is a Fey of the Light, abducted by the Reviled when he was young. Now, fifteen years later, he is a Dark One: lurking in the shadows, lingering near Ayla.

After Gairynzvl commits treason against his own kind, Ayla listens to him when no others will - and the conflict that unfolds will change their world forever.

Praise from readers:

????? - "The Reviled has everything you could want from an epic fantasy adventure."

????? - "This author has an incredibly visceral and intense writing style... I loved the interplay between the light and the darkness."

????? - "Morgan is a master of description. If you want something fresh, try out the Dark Fey Series."

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