Darkness Unchained (Sky Brooks Series Book 2)

Darkness Unchained (Sky Brooks Series Book 2)
: McKenzie Hunter
: Sky Publishing LLC
: 368
: Fiction : Drama
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What happens when your only allies are your enemies?

Just survive. That’s been Sky’s goal since uncovering a dangerous secret: she had died at birth and became host to a very powerful spirit shade. Now Skylar has the rare ability to manipulate magic—an ability some would kill for. Needing to lie low, she declines membership in the Midwest Pack, the most powerful pack in the country. Sky thinks she can return to a normal life. She’s wrong.

When a pack member is brutally assaulted, Sky saves her. The Midwest Pack and their rivals, the Northern Seethe, are under attack, and the pack wants Sky to help find the person responsible. Drawn reluctantly back into the otherworld, Sky must work with the Seethe’s hunter, Chris, to finish the job. Chris should be a welcome asset with her connections and extensive knowledge of the otherworld, but her turbulent history with the Seethe and Midwest Pack only causes more conflict between the enemies-turned-allies.

Once again, Sky must negotiate the lies, secrets, and strange politics that govern the otherworld while struggling not to draw attention to her abilities. Now she wonders if she will be able to find the killer—and get out alive.

Darkness Unchained (Sky Brooks Series, Book 2) is written from Sky’s point of view (first person) and Chris’s point of view (third person). Midnight Falls (Sky Brooks Series, Book 3) is written from only Sky’s perspective.

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